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By the Way I Love You
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A slash community pairing Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie.
Community header made by the rather awesome draconia_nova


Due to the adult nature of some postings in this community all memberships MUST be approved by the moderators.

In order to be approved by our moderators, we will need to know your year of birth. If we cannot see your year of birth in your LJ user profile, we don't know how old you are, and cannot approve your membership. Please keep this in mind when requesting to join our community. Thank you.

Welcome to "By the Way I Love You" (:

We're one member of a large Whoseline family

This is a slash community dedicated to the pairing of Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie.
I stress that this is SLASH, meaning the content will involve romantic and/or sexual material involving a male/male pairing. If this is not for you, don't go any further.

Because of the adult-content in this community, we've f-locked entries from 11th April 2008 onwards and new members will need to be approved by our mods. This is due to the recent and ongoing hassle with LJ and communities that show adult content. Not all of our posts have adult content, but it's best to err on the side of caution (:

Please observe the laws of your country/region, only read/look at mature content if you are a legal adult. Parents should review content before allowing minors to view it.

1. Please be polite and respect each other, we're all here for the same reason.
2. Please put all mature content behind a lj-cut, clearly labelled.
3. All fics must have the main pairing be a slash one. This does not mean that the feelings have to be requited, but they have to be there in some way. Other pairings and threesomes are more than welcome, as long as the pairing of Ryan/Colin isn't broken up.
4. Any and all related fanworks and discussion are welcome, but please respect that this is a community for Ryan/Colin fans. (:
5. Constructive critisism is welcome, but flaming and abuse will not be tolerated. This is a friendly community.

All fanfics posted on the community should have this header:

Please always put appropriate rating on your fanworks. If you are unsure how to rate something, follow one of these systems:

According to the MPAA rating system, the ratings mean as follows:
-G: "This...contains nothing in theme, language, nudity and sex, violence, etc. that would...be offensive to parents whose younger children view the film."
-PG: "...there may be some profanity in these films. There may be some violence or brief nudity."
-PG-13: "...leaps beyond the boundaries of the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, or other contents, but does not quite fit within the restricted R category. Any drug use content will initially require at least a PG-13 rating."
-R: "...may include strong language, violence, nudity, drug abuse, other elements, or a combination of the above...."
-NC-17: "The reasons for the application of an NC-17 rating can be excessive violence, sex, aberrational behavior, drug abuse or any other elements...."

The TV rating system is as follows:
-Y: "....deemed to be appropriate for children of all ages....The themes...are usually also geared to a very young audience between the ages of 2 and 6."
-Y7: "...who can differentiate between make believe and reality. There may be some mild fantasy themes or comedic violence."
-G: "...for people of all ages. It is not specifically intended for young children...."
-PG: "...may contain material that is not suitable for young children like mild violence or suggestions of sex....occasionally will also have some suggestive language."
-14: "...usually have either intense violence, strong sexual situations, strong language or very suggestive dialogue."
-MA: "...intended for mature audiences only. These are usually not for children under 17 and usually contain either graphic violence, explicit sex, or very crude language."

The Whoseline fandom is a large and varied community. No comm runs or sets the standard for the fandom. Most of the comms support and respect each other, so please do check out these other fantastic whoseline communities (:

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